Today, we are launching Smart Hashtag Manager to help you find the hashtags that drives more impressions on Instagram. 

We have explained "how does Hashtags on Instagram works and how to find the best ones?" before to help you understand how to use our Advanced Hashtag Manager. But we have bee working on other solution to save you time and let you focus only on creating content. Therefore we are glad to introduce you the Smart Hashtag Manager. 

As we explained before, your content needs to be relevant to the hashtags you use to be displayed on their Top Posts section which drives the impressions. Also, tagging the most common account tags for those hashtags increase your chance by %357.
This means you might need to use completely different hashtags for your posts, according to their content type. If you share a portrait, you need to use hashtags related to portrait photos. If you share a post which has Eiffel Tower in it, you need to use hashtags about traveling and Paris. Sounds so much effort right? Don't worry. We got you covered. All you need is take a photo and publish it on Instagram. We take care of the rest. Here is how:

We hand-picked more than 1000 hashtags, adding around 100 every week, and developed an AI powered system that finds the most related 30 hashtags to your post and tell you the most common tagged accounts. 

If you turn on the Auto Hashtag Management, we share those hashtags as the first comment on your post. You can keep it as turned off and edit/publish the suggested comments manually. 

That's it! You have already found and used the best hashtags for your new post. So what now? We strongly recommend you to use a location tag and tag the suggested accounts by Direcon to increase your chance to be displayed on the Top Posts sections of used hashtags. Once it's done, it's time to wait to get 100 likes since Top Posts sections of hashtags requires 100 likes to be displayed at. After your 100th like, you can check this page again to see which hashtags you made it to their Top Posts sections. The hashtags in gold are the ones for which your post made it to the Top Posts

You can also blacklist the hashtags that you want us to avoid using.

To get started using Direcon Smart Hashtag Manager, head this way.

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