There are a lot of advantages if you add your club to your account.

The main benefit is; you can track rooms linked to your club even if you’re not the moderator, thus, you don’t need to be in the room. So you just need to be the owner or admin of the club to connect it to your Direcon account.

You can also track your club’s rooms automatically if you have the Pro version. You can see the amount of club followers you have, rooms you have tracked with Direcon, and listeners that you reached. Additionally, what are the interests, age range, and gender identities. They will help you to know your members deeply.

Also, you can track your club activities, such as the most listened rooms that happened in your club with how many listeners; you can even apply filters to see weekly&monthly or all the time. Also, you can track your members of club, who are the most active and most listened ones.

Moreover, you can see the list of your members who have the highest number of followers. When you want to see your club ranking with the category you fit in; you just need to click on that category and see ranking with the number of followers.

The next section shows you the most recent rooms that happened your club, and you can see what they talked about with date and hour so that you can see your club’s activities.

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