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  • Duration: Shows how long a room was tracked via Direcon. If you start tracking the room instantly, or your Automatic Tracking feature is on, Duration will be equal to the Room's duration.

  • Max Listeners: Shows the maximum number of people that were in a room at the same time.

  • Total Listeners: Shows the total number of people who joined a room. This metrics is calculating the unique number of people. So if a listener leaves the room and comes back, it won't be counted.

  • Total Time Listened: Shows how long your listeners have listened to a room in total. Let's say there are 10 people in your room and each has listened to your room for 10 minutes. Total Time Listened will be 100 minutes (1h 40 minutes)

  • Avg. Time Listened: Show the average time for which your listeners listened to a room.

  • Avg. Stickiness: Show the percentage of time a room was open during which your listeners stayed in the room after they joined it. If all of the listeners have joined to your room and stayed until room ends, Avg. Stickiness will be 100%.

  • Total Speakers: Show the number of speakers in your room.

  • New Followers: Shows the number of followers you have gained while a room was open.

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