You can track unlimited rooms with Premium and Pro; however, with the free version, you can track 5 rooms /month only, and with Lite plan, it goes up to 10 rooms/month.

One of the best features Direcon provides is ‘Track my Rooms Automatically,’ and this feature comes with our Premium and Pro plan. On the other hand, ‘Track my Club’s Rooms Automatically’ is available only on our Pro plan.

Getting the ‘room insights’ feature is unlimited for every package except the free version. With the free version, you are able to see only the basic insights about your room.

Live chart that shows the number of listeners change in time is available on all of the plans including the free version, just like the Rooms People Leave for.

Audience report feature is available for every package. However, you can not apply some filters to the audience part on our free version. Also you can export the audience data that comes with Premium and Pro plans, just like audience demographics.

You can track multiple rooms at the same time without any problem, but it is only available for the Pro version, but to see ‘audience interests,’ you need to be either Premium or Pro membership.

Lastly, if you want to get ‘detailed club insights,’ you need a pro version.

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